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GTX CAR RACING (GT Car Racing Extreme) For fans of cool games, car games, car racing games and other addicting games. FREE GAMES

Race through tropical Islands, shear mountain roads, coastal cities and other locations the world over!

• Free Download- free games for boys and games for girls to play free

• Action games - Race on 4 different tracks and 2 different types of races!

• Fun Games - Upgrade and customize your own vehicles and race car

• Driving Games - Earn rewards to unlock bonus levels!

You can enjoy this fast 3D GT Car Racing game app anywhere on your Android phone or tablet!

Download from the Google app store and play free - Safe Games for kids


If you your are a fan of fast cars, racing games. the Ford GT40 (classic auto racing or exotic car racing), Le Mans and the GTA Gran Turismo racing circuit; you will love this game. Also if you like NASCAR or the indy 500. From the makers of Lucky Car Racing. This game is not associated with CSR, Fast & Furious, SpeedCar or Nitro Nation.

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